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Weekly Stand up

Weekly Standup with Rich & Amy is a show that examines the latest blockchain developments from a business perspective.  Rich and Amy will each use their C-suite perspectives to help listeners understand both the opportunities and the tremendous impact that blockchain is already making on the way organizations in all industries are operating.  While they may not actually deliver it standing up, Weekly Standup shows will nevertheless be composed of short focused segments containing news on progress and blockers, guest interviews, and some light “blockchain entertainment” for good measure.

The Business of Blockchain

The Business of Blockchain with David Moorcroft looks at the emerging application of blockchain and related technologies, the people behind them, and how they are shaping the future of the financial services sector around the world. Tapping into 40 years of insight and contacts in the senior echelons of the global banking, technology and media communities, David will uncover and share interesting developments in the fintech space. Which technology will be the next big winner? You'll have to listen to find out!
Blockchain unchained
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Digital Bytes

Welcome to Digital Bytes, a weekly analysis of the Blockchain and Digital Asset sectors. The show's focus is on the dynamics of financial innovation and the how/where/why blockchain technology and digital assets can be used commercially.

Digital Bytes is hosted by UK's Jonny Fry, the CEO of Team Blockchain & Non-Executive Chairman of Gem Cap UK Ltd

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Distributed Conversations

Interviews With Thought Leaders Moving Us From a Centralized to a Distributed World, and the Implications For Business, Society, and Life From Trust Networks Built on Blockchain and the Reduction of Friction in Every Part of Our Lives. Hosted by Warren Whitlock

Rock The Block

The greatest disservice that our education has done to us is keeping the masses ignorant of how the world economy works. We are taught to study hard, work hard, save enough, and somehow the world will be fair to us.  If hard work and a good education is rewarded with money and a comfortable life then why are there an increasing number of graduates who can’t afford the cost of living? When I discovered how money works and how the rich get richer, and that there’s absolutely no way that hard work and following the career ladder is going to get you to the life you want, I began to see the world in a different light.

The system is rigged from the start, and unless you are aware of how things work you won't be able to embrace blockchain and cryptocurrency for its original intent. Forget the stuff you hear on mainstream television.

If you want thought provoking discussion that will rock your world view, then join Eugene Tay on Blockchain Radio.


The Tatiana Show

"The Tatiana Show" talks about politics, activism, blockchain, music, and how to combine them all to help the world. Tatiana Moroz, co-host Joshua Scigala, and special guests chat about all kinds of exciting topics from technology, the arts, and the Bitcoin revolution in a casual conversation that a layman can understand.


SingularDTV is a show about the entertainment industry, blockchain technology, community, and tokenomics. Guests are leaders from the entertainment, technology, communication and finance industries. SingularDTV: Building the world’s first blockchain entertainment ecosystem with the creator in mind. We are #theblockchainpeople, powered by #ethereum. 

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The Crypto Currency Show

The Cryptocurrency Show brings you the latest updates from the world of Cryptocurrency with a Canadian perspective.  Weekly Interviews from leaders, change makers, and disrupters in Cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Hosted by The Startup Coach.  An Entrepreneur expert,  growth hacking guru, and founder of the Cryptocurrency conference. Discussing the latest in news, tech and information with experts.  Never afraid to ask the tough questions and bringing complex topics to an everyday level.

On the Block

Bilingual French & English and bi-weekly show covering Blockchain content including Education, News, Cryptocurrencies, ICOs, Blockchain Pop culture. We will invite a diverse range of guests, pragmatists and futurists alike, to chat about their take on the current state of Blockchain ecosystem affairs. If you thought that blockchain & cryptos and all the other mumbo jumbo was just too complex for you, think again! This show is bringing new conversation topics to your dinner table. Relax, learn something new and have fun doing it!

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Blockchain Law Brief

Blockchain Law is a radio show that covers the law of digital currencies, regulation, exchanges, ICOs, litigation, financial crime and legal developments from around the world. The host of Blockchain Law Brief, lawyer Christine Duhaime, taps into her network of digital currency executives, law makers, and government agencies to discuss a wide array of emerging legal issues in digital currencies and the law with leading guests in the space.


In Conversation With .. 

Pierre Bourque interviews blockchain luminaries and newsmakers that drive the current ecosystem. With his sharp acumen and the inspiring thought-provoking guests discussing their involvement with the blockchain technology and how they make a real difference in this word, Pierre brings simple intimate conversations to a new dimension of insight.
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